Faculty Profiles

Core Faculty

  • Carolyn Chen

    Carolyn Chen

    Associate Professor

    Research interests: Religion, Race, Ethnicity, Immigration

  • Professor Choy

    Catherine Ceniza Choy


    Research interests: Asian American history, Philippine and Filipino American studies, contemporary U.S. immigration, and nursing history.

  • Omi 1

    Michael Omi

    Associate Professor

    Research interests: Racial theory and politics, racial/ethnic classification and the census, Asians Americans and racial stratification, and racist and anti-racist social movements.

  • Lok Siu

    Associate Professor

    Research interests: Asian Diasporas

  • Khatharya Um

    Khatharya Um

    Associate Professor

    Research interests: Southeast Asian and Southeast Asian American Studies, refugee migration, transnational and diaspora studies, post-colonial, conflict and post conflict studies and genocide studies, access and education of racialized minorities in American public schools.


      • Joi Barrios

        Joi Barrios


        AAS 175: Contemporary Narratives on the Philippines and the United States
        AAS 190: Filipino Performance in the Diaspora: Theatre, Dance, Music, Spoken Word

      • Hatem Bazian

        Hatem Bazian


        AAS 128AC: Muslims in America
        AAS 132AC: Islamophobia and Constructing Otherness


      • Christopher Chua

        Christopher Chua


        AAS 144: Religions of Asian America
        AAS 20A: Introduction to the History of Asians in the United States

      • Harvey Dong

        Harvey Dong


        AAS 20A: Introduction to the Asian American Experience
        AAS 20B: Issues in Contemporary Asian American Communities
        AAS 121: Chinese American History

      • Thomas M. Fleming

        UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Public Scholar, Lecturer

        AAS 141: Law in the Asian American Community

      • Anna Leong


        AAS R2A & R2B: Reading and Composition

      • Hannah Michell


        AAS 138: Hallyu: Understanding the Korean Wave, Korean pop culture and its consumption

      • Fae Myenne Ng

        Fae Myenne Ng


        AAS 181: Chinese American Literature
        AAS 172: Asian American Literature: Border Crossings in Literature and Love
        AAS 173: Creative Writing

      • Young Shin


        AAS 151: Asian Immigrant Women and Labor

      • Jane Singh

        Jane Singh


        AAS 127: South Asian American Historical and Contemporary Issues
        AAS 190: Sikh Studies

      • Jere Takahashi

        Jere Takahashi


        AAS 146: Asian Americans and Education
        AAS 165: Research Methods: Video Documentation

      • Winston Tseng


        AAS 143: Asian Americans and Health

      • Lisa Hirai Tsuchitani


        AAS 122: Japanese American History

      • Keiko Yamanaka

        Keiko Yamanaka


        AAS 150: Gender and Generation in the Asian American Family
        AAS 151: Asian American Women: Theory and Experience

Emeritus Faculty

    • Evelyn Nakano Glenn

      Evelyn Nakano Glenn


      Research interests: Comparative historical studies of race, gender and class and their intersections in relation to immigration, labor markets, and citizenship. Uncovering the connections among social structure, cultural discourse, and everyday experience.

    • Elaine H. Kim

      Elaine H. Kim


      Research interests: Asian American literary and cultural studies, Korean American Studies, Asian and Asian American Feminist Studies.

    • Ling-chi Wang

      Ling-Chi Wang

      Associate Professor Emeritus

      AAS 131: Asian Diasporas and Asian America
      AAS 190.2: Chinese American in Science and Technology

    • Sau-ling Cynthia Wong

      Sau-Ling Cynthia Wong

      Professor Emerita

      Research interests: Anglophone and Sinophone Chinese American literatures; the Chinese diaspora; immigrant writing and film; transnational reception studies. Asian American literature: transnationality, globalization, and mobility; gender and sexuality; canon formation.