hardboiled APA Journalism

hardboiled, APA journalism seeks to provide students with an introduction to Asian Pacific American print journalism through the actual hands-on experience of participating in the production and distribution of an APA newsmagazine. To do this, students research and develop story ideas, compose layouts, and distribute issues to students, faculty, and community members. Students also participate in weekly workshops that cover topics including APA history, health in the APA community, APAs in law and politics, and APAs in the media as well as current and pertinent issues in the campus, local, national, and international community. As a field studies course that offers academic units, students receive an introduction to the local and campus Asian Pacific American communities by providing them with opportunities to meet community leaders, by attending and participating in community organizations and events, and by being a part of UC Berkeley’s Asian Pacific American Coalition, a coalition of APA organizations on campus.

hardboiled not only produces four issues with a circulation of 3,400 copies per semester that addresses relevant, timely, and insightful issues, but also provides staff with a community of like-minded students active in the APA community. At the conclusion of the course, students have learned the ins and outs of print journalism, increased their political awareness of APA issues, and received experience working within the APA community.

Join us — you won’t regret it.

For more information, please contact Crystal Sitt: crystal.sitt@gmail.com