Asian Americans and Affirmative Action: The AAADS 50th Anniversary Symposium Series

The Harvard University lawsuit (Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard) has raised critical questions about how affirmative action may be affecting Asian American admissions. This symposium brings together experts in law, education, and community advocacy to examine what affirmative action means, its role and relevance in higher education, and its effects on the different communities […]

Commemorating 50th Years of the 1969 twLF Strike

Welcome back everyone! As we begin a new spring semester, we wish to recognize the efforts of our community— both past and present—in reaffirming the legacy that is our Asian American Studies program and Ethnic Studies Department. Join us tomorrow, Jan 22, from 12:00-1:00 PM, at the Mario Savio Steps to commemorate the 50th Anniversary […]