CAACH Field Study Spring 2023

ASAMST 197 is a 2-unit field study opportunity that offers a work-based learning experience for UC Berkeley students. Student will have the opportunity to interact with and engage in a project hosted by a Bay Area community health organization.

For Spring 2023, we’ll be partnering with the San Francisco Chinese Hospital, a non-profit hospital that provides culturally responsive, affordable health care to the community. 

Reserved Seats: Students who have taken course requirements for the Certificate in Asian American Community Health (CAACH) will be prioritized for enrollment. This opportunity fulfills the field study requirement for CAACH and partially (2/4) for the AAADS major.

Application: Complete this form to apply by latest November 25th, 11:59pm PT. If you applied in the previous semester and signed up for CAACH, you do not need to complete the application again and will be contacted by our team. 

Enrollment: We will enroll students on a rolling basis starting early November, so we encourage students to apply early as space is limited.

For any questions, please contact