Undergraduate Asian American Research Symposium

Date: Monday, April 22nd, 5-7pm

Location: YWCA Auditorium (2600 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704)

Mark your calendars! We invite all students, alumni, and community members to attend the Undergraduate Asian American Research Symposium on April 22nd, 5-7pm to celebrate students’ work and view a wide range of undergraduate research posters.

The event will start with announcements by all of our participating organizations, followed by a banquet (all are welcome to grab food!) and poster session showcasing student work. 


Participating Organizations:

Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies (AAADS), the Asian American Research Center (AARC), Asian American Research Journal (AARJ), Asian American and Pacific Islander Health Research Group (AAPIHRG), Certificate in Asian American Community Health (CAACH), Pipeline for AANHPI Community Health (PACH)

Sponsored by:
The Ethnic Studies 5th Account, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, Asian American Research Center

Organizations and Poster Presenters

Poster / Organization title 


The COVID-19 Archival Project

Sou Saechao, Nola Vu, Sophia Luo

Asian American and Pacific Islander Health Research Group (AAPIHRG) / Certificate in Asian American Community Health (CAACH)

Anya Fang

Asian American Research Journal (AARJ)


Asian Immigrant Women Advocates (AIWA)

Allie Giang, Ashley Tsai, Frances Chai, Angie Thao

Hmong Older Adult Project

Darin Thao, Juliann Ly

Preserving the Legacy of Locke and the Sacramento River Delta through Oral History

Gillian Gee

Bay Area Pacific Islander maternal and infant health disparities project

Charity Abanes

Resistance from Overseas: U.S. Diasporic and Transnational Activism in Response to the 2021 Myanmar Military Coup

Diane Chao


Stephanie Wong

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Reshaped Community Health Needs in San Francisco’s Chinatown: Examining The Historical, Social and Global Landscape that Curated Changes in the Community Health Needs of San Francisco Chinatown

Vivian Lee 

Quality of Elderly Vietnamese Immigrant Healthcare in the Bay Area

Nicole Lai

Queer Asian Americans and Mental Health

Shrida Pandey

Contraceptive use knowledge among female AAPI students at UC Berkeley

Kelly Lin

Effects of Taichi on Elderly Chinese Mental Well-Being

Sophia Luo


Photos from the 2023 Undergraduate Research Symposium


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