CAACH Alumni Spotlights

Andy Huynh

B.A. in Psychology | Class of 2023

How was your experience with the CAACH course requirements?

“I enjoyed all of my classes especially PBHLTH 150E as it was a perfect class for a non-PH student to learn more about community and public health!”

How do you plan on applying the certificate program to your own career/interests?

“I plan to utilize my skills in the mental health field especially because I want to work with immigrant and communities of color. This program provides the historical and contemporary knowledge needed to approach these communities with care.”

Sou Saechao

B.A. in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies | Class of 2022 | Recipient of the Ling-Chi Wang Award

Favorite memories of CAACH?

“I have a lot of fond memories, but if I had to choose one then it would have to be taking Winston Tseng’s class on Asian American Health or AAADS 143. I enjoy reading contemporary studies on Asian American health issues and being a part of a group leading a service project. That was where I was first involved in the AAPI Covid Community Archival Project.”

Future goals/plans?

“My future goal is to bridge resources for underserved communities, especially those coming from immigrant/refugee backgrounds. I notice that there is a lack of resources in connecting these communities to important necessities whether it’ll be housing, legal, or translational services. I am hoping to develop my entrepreneurial and leadership skills to start an organization in the future that would benefit these communities.”

What were you involved in?

“I was briefly involved with organizations like the Undergraduate Communications Association (UCA) and REACH!, the API Recruitment and Retention Center. I was more involved with organizations such as the Asian American Pacific Islander Health Research Group (AAPIHRG), Southeast Asian Student Coalition (SASC), and Iu Mien Student Union of Berkeley (IMSU) throughout my undergrad. Recently I was awarded the Ling-Chi Wang “Empowering Community Leadership” Award for co-leading the AAPI Covid Community Archival Project.”

Gunho Moon

B.A. in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies | Class of 2022 | Recipient of the Helen Mineta Award

Favorite memories of CAACH?

“I loved Professor Joe Lee’s course on contemporary community health. He had such awesome guest lecturers of such differing backgrounds and knowledge but all with the intent of bettering our communities.”

Future goals/plans?

“I’m taking a gap year before applying to med school; I’ll be spending that time exploring work, hobbies, and hopefully travel.”

What were you involved in?

“I was primarily involved with the Asian American Research Journal and in a hip-hop / street dance organization called EXP.”