Eastwind Bookstore

Eastwind Books of Berkeley has been serving the book reading community since 1982, with titles ranging from Asian American Studies and Asia Studies, to Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Language Learning (including Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, Khymer and Korean)…and much more!

AAADSP’s very own Harvey Dong saved Eastwind in 1996, when it was set to close and become a beauty shop. Today Professor Dong runs Eastwind as a “labor of love.” A community bookstore, Eastwind continues to frequently host book readings and signings, as well as other Asian American cultural events.

A Berkeley man through and through (BA, PhD), Professor Dong is a veteran of the 1969 Third World Liberation Front, a student movement to establish Ethnic Studies. He taught some of the first classes in the Ethnic Studies Department, and today lectures on Chinese American history for AADSP. 

Professor Dong also makes sure to include titles on American Indian, Cuban, Latino and African American themes because of his Ethnic Studies background. Eastwind supplies textbooks for many classes in the Asian American Studies, Ethnic Studies and English

departments at UC Berkeley, Berkeley City College, and Laney as well as a local acupuncture school. There is also a range of children’s books.

Visit Eastwind’s website for more information and to support an amazing community bookstore!


Eastwind Bookstore

  • 2066 University Avenue Berkeley, CA 94704
  • 510-548-2350
  • eastwindbooks@gmail.com