AAADS Welcomes Two New Lecturers

By ehkim

LISA HIRAI TSUCHITANI will be teaching Japanese American History. Active in the local Japanese American communities, dhe has taught previously in Asian American Studies as well as in Education. She directed the Cal Nikkei Alumni Oral History Project and helped organize commencement ceremonies for Japanese Americans who could not receive their undergraduate degrees because they were incarcerated as enemy aliens during World War II.

HANNAH MICHELL will be teaching a new course on hallyu, or Korean popular culture, with a focus on television drama, its modes of production, its global reception, and the ways in which it addresses South Koreans’ encounters with modernity, capitalism, and Western cultures, in relation to family and gender as well as nationalism and historical narrativity. Michell grew up in South Korea and graduated in Philosophy and Anthropology at Cambridge University in England before earning an MFA in creative writing. She has recently completed her first novel.