Summer Courses 2015 – Open for Registration

By rora

AAADS Program is offering two additional classes that are still open in registration.

1. AAADS 141: Law in the Asian American Community with Professor Tom Fleming (4 units)
– 141 is offered Tuesday-Thursday from 5-9 pm. The session runs from 5/26 to 7/2.
– Course will examine the nature, structure, and operation of selected legal institutions as they affect Asian American communities and will attempt to analyze the roles and effects of law, class, and race in American society.

2. AAADS 171: Asian Americans in Film and Video with Professor Roger Chung (4 units)
– 171 is offered Monday-Thursday from 12-2:30 pm. The session runs from 5/26 to 7/2.
– Introduces students to films and videos by and about Asian Americans; presents an overview of the development of the Asian American media arts field in relation to current cultural theories and American film history and theory.

141 fulfills Group 2 (Community Studies) requirement. 171 satisfies Group 3 (Cultural Studies) requirement.

The courses welcome and are open to non-majors and minors.

To register: CCN for 141: 15245. CCN for 171: 15265 and 15270.

For more details: