GIVE TO AAADS- Nov 19th!!

By UCBerkeleyAAADS

Support the Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies Program at UC Berkeley!

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Help AAADS support:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Education
  • Research
  • Programming
  • Community Engagement
Thank you for advancing the legacy of our program for generations to come.

November 19th is Berkeley’s 2nd 24 hr day of giving. Last year we raised more than $5M in one day with over 7000 gifts to various programs across campus. Let’s try to make it even bigger this year. How has AAADS made you ‘think bigger‘? Check out the hourly social media contests, participate and AAADS can win prize money.. Remember to post with #AAADS50th and #CalBigGive for us to win!

The AAADS Students, Staff, and Faculty
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