AAADS November 2022 Newsletter

By UCBerkeleyAAADS

Coordinator’s Note

After two years of uncertainty, it is comforting to know that we are returning to a sense of normalcy. Students are back, and the entire campus is buzzing with life! The AAADS program is no different. We have been working on several initiatives.

This fall, with funding support from the California Endowment, we launched a pilot internship program with the Chinese Hospital in San Francisco. With proven success, this program will be expanded in the spring to accommodate more students.I also want to call your attention to the undergraduate Asian American Research Journal (AARJ), which was initiated by students in 2020. Now in its third year, the journal is thriving, and the team is looking for new editors.

Finally, please stay tuned to learn more about the Program’s search for a new humanities faculty. Search finalists will be visiting campus in early spring, and your presence and feedback will be much appreciated!

More to come soon. Meanwhile, I am sending you warm wishes for a productive and healthy semester!

– Lok Siu

Spring 2023 Classes

ASAMST R2B 001 – LEC 001
Reading and Composition
Instructor: Lisa Ng

ASAMST 20A 001 – LEC 001
Introduction to the History of Asians in the United States
Instructor: Harvey C Dong

ASAMST 121 001 – LEC 001 
Chinese American History
Instructor: Harvey C Dong

ASAMST 122 001 – LEC 001
Japanese American History
Instructor: Lisa Tsuchitani

ASAMST 132AC 001 – LEC 001
Islamophobia and Constructing Otherness
Instructor: Hatem Bazian

ASAMST 143B 001 – LEC 001
Advancing Health Equity for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Communities
Instructor: Joe Lee

ASAMST 145AC 001 – LEC 001
Politics, Public Policy, and Asian American Communities
Instructor: Michael Chang

ASAMST 171 001 – LEC 001
Asian Americans in Film and Video
Instructor: Hannah B Michell

ASAMST 176 001 – LEC 001
Genre in Asian American Literature
Instructor: Fae Myenne Ng

ASAMST 190 003 – SEM 003 (New!)
Radical History of SF Chinatown: Designing a Digital Tour
Instructor: Lok Siu

PACH Initiative Pilots Internship with Chinese Hospital

The Pipeline for AANHPI Community Health Initiative is piloting a new internship with the Chinese Hospital of San Francisco. The internship is a culminating experience that fulfills a requirement for the Certificate in Asian American Community Health (CAACH) offered by the Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies Program in the Ethnic Studies Department. This certificate is the first undergraduate certificate in Asian American community health in the United States. Learn more.Applications Open for Editors of Asian American Research JournalThe Asian American Research Journal (AARJ) is accepting AARJ general editor applications for the 2022-2023 academic year. AARJ is the first journal at UC Berkeley that provides a platform for research and scholarly work centered on Asian American and Asian Diasporic experiences, identities, and communities. There is an informational session on November 1 and applications are due by November 28, 2022, at 11:59pm. Learn more.

Student Awards: Applications Now Open

Ling-chi Wang Community Empowerment Leadership Award
Nominations Due April 15, 2023 – Nomination Form
The Ling-chi Wang Community Empowerment Leadership Award is funded by the Ling-chi Wang Chinese American Studies Endowment Fund. It recognizes graduating seniors who have shown outstanding leadership and service in Asian American communities, on or off campus. The award is administered by the AAADS Executive Endowments Committee.

AAADS Student Achievement Award
Nominations Due April 15, 2023 – Nomination Form
The AAADS Student Achievement Award is made possible by the Endowment for Advancing AAADS. It recognizes a graduating senior for outstanding achievement in research and/or creative/artistic work that deals with AAPI issues or themes. The award is administered by the AAADS Executive Endowments Committee.

Toraji Prize in Korean American Studies
Nominations Due May 1, 2023 – More information
The Asian American Research Center and the Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies program are establishing an annual grant for UC Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students from any department who are researching and/or writing about Korean American literature, film, and cultural studies. Topics in history will also be considered. The award is administered by the Korean American Studies Advisory Board.

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Award
Email for more information.
Established by an anonymous donor and administered by BAMPFA, the fellowship honors the legacy of Korean American artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1951–1982). Cha earned multiple degrees from UC Berkeley: a BA in comparative literature in 1973 and a BA, MA, and MFA in art between 1975 and 1978. Cha worked in a variety of media, ranging from performance and video to works on paper, handmade books, and mail art. In her brief but productive career, Cha explored themes born of personal experience, primarily those of geographic exile and cultural and linguistic displacement. Many know her through her last work, the book Dictee (1982). Cha’s archives are held by BAMPFA, where she worked during her time as a UC Berkeley undergraduate.

Video: ‘Advancing a Vision of Asian America: The Role of Higher Education’
The virtual forum “Advancing a Vision of Asian America: The Role of Higher Education” was held on March 16 hosted by AAADS, AARC, and AAADS Community Supporters. The forum explored the roles of Asian American Studies and of higher education institutions in addressing the challenges and opportunities facing Asian American communities. Speakers discussed how Asian American studies seeded many grassroots organizations that have been central in building community resilience. They also discussed the revived movement to advance Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies, more generally, at the K-12 education level and on college campuses across the country. Watch the recording here.