IARU Summer Field Course: Borderland

By UCBerkeleyAAADS

Centering on the concept of “border-land” and the themes of migration, mobilities and immobilities that have emerged as among the most pressing 21st century challenges, that cut across 11 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, this joint UC Berkeley and University of Copenhagen course, in
collaboration with Chiang Mai University, engages students from multiple disciplines in thinking critically
about the research process, epistemologies, and ethics in conducting research.

Students will interact with international and local scholars in structured seminars, and with communities and organizations working to address pressing local, regional and global issues through their placement with local NGOs and research projects.

Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand
When: July 3 – July 28, 2023
Who: Advanced undergraduate
(bachelor level) and postgraduate
(master level) – open for students
from all disciplines. ECTS 7,5

Deadline for application: April 1st, 2023

Stipend opportunities available.

More information and application: https://kurser.ku.dk/course/aana18107u/2022-2023