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By rscc
Cherry Blossom UC Berkeley
There are open spots in the following courses! Sign up fast…all the professors are really wonderful!

AAS 20C: Cultural Politics and Practices in Asian American Communities withR.V. Chung (M 4-7P, 104 BARROWS…Seats Available!)

Introductory comparative analysis of the Asian American experience from 1848 to present. Topics include an analysis of the Asian American perspective; cultural roots; immigration and settlement patterns; labor, legal, political, and social history.


AAS 122: Japanese American History with Lisa Hirai Tsuchitani (Th 2-5P, 118 BARROWS)

This course will be presented as a proseminar with selected topics in order to give students an opportunity to participate in the dynamics of the study of Japanese American history. Topics include immigration, anti-Japanese racism, labor, concentration camps, agriculture, art and literature, and personality and culture.


AAS 124: Filipino American History with Catherine Ceniza Choy (TuTh 930-11A, 136 BARROWS)

Topics include consequences of the Spanish-American War on Filipino emigration; conditions in Hawaii and California and the need for Filipino labor; community development; changing relations between the U.S. and the Philippines; effects ofthe independence movement and World War II on Filipino Americans; and contemporary issues.


AAS 125: Contemporary Issues of Southeast Asian Refugees in the U.S.: “History, Memory and Citizenship: Key Issues in Southeast Asian Migration and Community Formation in the U.S.” with Khatharya Um (TuTh 1230-2P, 122 BARROWS)

This course will introduce students to the sociocultural, economic, educational, and political issues facing Southeast Asian refugees in the U.S. While the course focus is on the Asian American experience, references will be made to the pre-migration experiences and histories of the Southeast Asian refugee groups. The processes and problems in the formulation of refugee programs and services in the U.S. also will be addressed in their implications for refugee resettlement and adaptation experience. Emphasis will be placed on comparative analyses of the Southeast Asian refugee communities.


AAS 151: Asian American Women: Theory and Experience with Young Shin  (W 3-6P, 136 BARROWS)

Examines the historical and contemporary experiences of Asian American women in relation to work, sexuality, intellectual and artistic activity, and family and community life as well as the development of Asian American feminist thought and its relation to cultural nationalism.


AAS 165: Research Methodologies in Asian American Communities: Exploring Videography as a Strategic Intervention with Jere Takahashi (Th 2-5P, 78 BARROWS)

This course will examine key issues relevant to  exploring research methodologies through documentary filmmaking in Asian American communities.  After first reviewing the major perspectives that have guided past community research, we will focus on field research strategies (e.g. observation, interviews) that are particularly applicable to community research, with special emphasis on the use of visual recording media/video.  This course is designed to involve students immediately in a community-based research project using video as their primary research tool.  Students will be encouraged to work collaboratively in all phases of their project.  Prior experience using video is not required, since instruction in video production will be provided.