New Courses Offered Fall 2011!

By ehkim

Three new Asian American Studies classes will be offered in this Fall:

The first is AAS 138: Asian Popular Culture: Gender, Sexualities, and Racialization in South Asian (Indian) Cinematic Discourses taught by Huma Dar. It will explore the cinematic representations of the complex intersections and co-formations of race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, religion and nationality, class and caste, as they mesh to construct our knowledge of India: the nation with the largest film industry in the world.

Fae Myenne Ng, the author of Bone and Steer Toward Rock, will be teaching AAS 181: Chinese American Literature. The works read in class will be about traditional Fathers from China and wildly non-traditional Fathers in America.  The cultural, political, and economic costs of immigration will be explored, and the class will consider the China born Father’s struggles in raising sons and daughters and also about those that their American-born children and grandchildren face. The class will study how writers use technique and native knowledge to redefine Fathers and familial love in literature.

If you are a science or engineering student or a student in Asian American Studies interested in knowing more about Chinese American contributions in science and technology in the U.S., AAS 190.2: Chinese Americans in Science and Technology will help you understand and become involved in planning a national conference on the same subject. Taught by Professor Emeritus Ling Chi-Wang,  this course welcomes students interested in the subject and invites their participation an ambitious project that will lead to comprehensive documentation and critical assessment of Chinese American contributions to science and technology in the U.S.  The course will also provide a historical background about Chinese Americans in the field of science and technology.

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